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Engineering Futures

Meet Our Mentors


Athulya, who goes by Aaron, is an international student from India double majoring in Software Engineering and Graphic Information Technology, with a minor in Technology Entrepreneurship and Management. “When you get to college, there is a whole new level of independence that you have to adapt to, to find yourself and your areas of interest along the way. I didn’t know what I really wanted to do when I came as a freshman and soon I realized not knowing is just fine.” says Aaron. Her concentration is in Video game design and development and hopes to work in the said field after graduation. On campus, she is an active Fulton Ambassador and has been involved with organizations like EPICS (Engineering projects in Community Service), Engineers without Borders , the Poly Photography club and so on. Over the Spring of 2018, Athulya left for her internship in animation with Disney Studios at Orlando, Florida. In her downtime, Aaron enjoys playing video games, cooking, reading, taking walks around Tempe Town Lake, watching anime and listening to music.



Alexandra is a sophomore studying Computer Science and she comes from Nashville, TN. Her parents originally came to the United States from Poland, and she is the first engineering student in her family. She is involved WiCS, Women in Computer Science, where she’s working on the outreach team to connect ASU with middle and high schoolers in the area. She is also a part of SoDA, a club for software engineering, and took part in nutritional research during her freshman year. Although she likes to joke that she came to ASU to escape the humidity of Tennessee, the actual reasons why she loves ASU are the passionate faculty members, hundreds of unique classes, and her friends (although the many boba tea shops come in a close 4th place). Apart from software engineering, Alexandra is interested in web design, graphics, and the intersection of art and computer science–she especially loves that computer science can be the bridge between many distinct fields. In her free time Alexandra loves to cook pasta, drink mandarin orange sparkling water, talk with her family back home, and work out with friends. Her advice to incoming freshman is to find something at ASU that supplies them with a personal meaning and to take interesting classes beyond the required major map.


Andrew is a junior studying Biomedical Engineering and is from Scottsdale, Arizona. “I love engineering and the engineering program here because of the application of multiple sciences to solve problems, the overlap between majors, and the ability to work with students from other majors,” explains Andrew. After graduating, Andrew wishes to improve medical devices and procedures. Andrew is a part of the Swing Devils club, a swing dance club, he is a counselor for E2C2, a camp for incoming engineering freshman, and he also works at Cactus Sports. Outside of his busy school schedule, Andrew enjoys playing video games, reading, and hanging out with his roommates.


Bhavana is originally from India, is in her last year of her 4 + 1 program, and is studying Computer Science with a focus in big data systems. She’s aiming to work for companies where she can manage big data systems and learn the business of selling data. “With engineering you can be creative, build and design things, and incorporate world views in the process,” says Bhavana “there’s so many opportunities to explore and you can choose your own path.” Bhavana is a part of the WiCS, a club for women studying computer science, and she also works as a peer coach. To have a little fun, Bhavana enjoys dancing, listening to music, and going out to eat with friends.


Hello! I am a rising senior pursuing Mechanical Engineering in Barrett, the Honors College at ASU. I’m originally from Zimbabwe, a beautiful African country with one of the seven natural wonders of the world. I am currently an intern for Southwest Gas Corporation in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am a first-generation student and the first engineer in my family. I enjoy sharing about my love for various on campus activities. I serve as an Undergraduate Engineering Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, EPICS (Engineering Projects In Community Service) Mentor, FURI participant, Barrett Bidstrup Fellow, Tutor, ASU 101 Section Leader and as a Global guide for international students. In an attempt to be the change that I wish to see in this world, I have chosen engineering as my major. I enjoy watching Cricket and mingling with fellow college students from different walks of life.


Dhruv is a junior studying Computer Science. He is originally from New Dheli, India. “Engineering is really about problem solving and helping people live better lives,” he says. With his degree, Dhruv’s goal is to build smart homes for impaired individuals and he also wants to help improve advisor systems. On campus, he is a Student Board Director, an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, a Community Assistant, and a part of the Software Developers Association (SODA). When he isn’t studying hard, Dhruv likes to play board games.


Diane, an Arizona native, is currently in her last year of her 4+1 plan, and is studying Systems Engineering. Diane loves that engineering combines creativity and science to form solutions. When Diane graduates, she is going to work for an aerospace company that creates products for satellites. She has been involved in Undergraduate Research (such as FURI and MORE) and currently has an internship at an aerospace company. “One thing that surprised me when coming to ASU was how much independence I had, which really helped me improve my time management,” Diane explains. To unwind, Diane enjoys writing, creating art, and occasionally playing video games.


Elton is a junior studying Civil Engineering from Glendale, Arizona. He has always found the science behind building massive structures fascinating and feels that civil engineering is “modern day magic and where abstract ideas become a reality.” Once he receives his degree, Elton is going to travel and improve infrastructure world-wide. He is involved in National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), student council, and the Grand Challenge Scholars Program, a co-curricular program allowing students to work on projects geared towards their major alongside their peers to attain real-world experience in their field. For fun, Elton loves dancing, listening to and making music, power lifting, and watching movies. “ASU is a big campus and there’s always a lot going on, but you learn as you go and all the freedom you have really promotes growth and maturity,” says Elton.


Elizabeth is a sophomore in Barrett, The Honors College, at Arizona State University. Originally from Colorado, she moved to Arizona at the beginning of high school and fell in love with the state. As a sophomore in Electrical Engineering, Elizabeth works in a research lab for the Equity in Engineering project; completes duties as the Society For Women Engineers, “SWE” Outreach Officer; is a Fulton Ambassador and works in the Fulton Schools of Engineering Tutoring Centers. Dedicated to both engineering and education, Elizabeth is also heavily involved with the Grand Challenge Scholars Program, a co-curricular program that allows her to connect extracurriculars, research, and coursework to an overarching theme area of education. Her favorite part about electrical engineering is the diversity in applications – “Every field of study is incorporating technology into their products and into their daily lives. As an electrical engineer, the applications with which you can apply your knowledge is limitless.” Outside of academics, Elizabeth enjoys hobbies such as baking, scuba diving, and bullet journaling. As a DIY enthusiast you can always find her crafting up gifts, decorations, and much more in her free time. Elizabeth’s greatest piece of advice for students in college is to push yourself beyond your limits, find something that scares you and sign up for it. She says that — “It sounds a bit cliché, and is probably often said, but I believe that the greatest personal growth comes from moments of needing to be the strongest you’ve ever been.”


Filip is a junior at ASU from Phoenix, AZ but originally born in Belgrade, Serbia. He is a part of Barrett, the honors college, and is currently studying Mechanical Engineering. Filip is an officer for AIAA at ASU, a member of Engineering Without Borders, and part of the Next Generation Service Corps. When the temperature is just right, you’ll probably find him on top of a mountain or sailing around Tempe town lake. He loves to cook, lift at the SDFC, and talk all about Kanye West’s discography. His advice for new freshmen is to try something new, and find that sweet spot of work, fun, and sleep.


Gabriela, who goes by Gaby, is a junior studying Computer Science from Glendale, Arizona. Her family is from Colombia and Gaby is the first female in her family to study engineering. “Engineering creates a lot of opportunities to grow as a society,” says Gaby, “and the school of engineering is such a tight knit community, it’s an incredible support system” Gaby wishes to improve educational tools and technology once she graduates. She is the Marketing Director for Women in Computer Sciences (WiCS), an E2 camp counselor, and an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant. For fun, Gaby loves to draw, have movie nights with her roommates, and play videogames.



Isabella is a junior from Paradise Valley, Arizona studying biomedical engineering. She is a UGTA for BME 235, Physiology for Engineers, and is also an ambassador for the Concussion Legacy Foundation. Isabella worked in a research lab at ASU which studies traumatic brain injury, and hopes to use her BME degree to help develop better technology for treatment of concussion, and create universal protocols for patient follow-up during the recovery process.  If you ask Isabella what is special about biomedical engineering, she says, “Engineering provides an opportunity to change what is currently perceived as the reality for patients, and transform it into the BEST reality and outcome. There are limitless possibilities out there to create technology that will provide a higher quality of life for people who have suffered brain injuries. Better and more personalized treatment is on the way, and engineers are on the forefront of it.”  Outside of school work, Isabella likes to try new recipes, go to farmers markets, and run. She is a health food enthusiast and one of her favorite classes she has taken at ASU was actually an Italian Food and Culture course (ITA394). Isabella encourages all students to branch out and explore the full range of classes that ASU has to offer!


Ishitha, also known as Ishi, is a senior year Biomedical Engineering student concurrently enrolled in the 4+1 program. In her words, Ishi believes that, “engineering is not confined within its own disciplines, as its resources and techniques are often utilized in other fields.” With her accumulated engineering knowledge and skills, Ishi aspires to become a physician. At ASU, Ishi has engaged in the following: ASU-Mayo Clinic Medical Mentoring Program, Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative, Lincoln Scholars Program, and Korean-Pop Dance Evolution Club. Currently, she is the Public Relations/Socials Coordinator for the American Medical Student Association Club. Outside of ASU, she has volunteered at iCAN, Mercy Gilbert Medical Center, and Banner Gateway Medical Center. Ishi has also tutored elementary and middle school students. In her free time, Ishi enjoys watching Korean dramas, creating traditional art, and reading science fiction/fantasy novels.


Izzy is a junior at ASU from Scottsdale, AZ.  She is a part of Barrett, the Honors College and is studying Civil Engineering with a Concentration in Sustainability. “I love engineering because of the challenges and opportunities for problem solving,” says Izzy. When she is a Civil Engineer, Izzy intends on being involved in urban planning, fixing transportation systems, and developing ways of reusing building materials. Izzy is currently a research assistant for the Equity in Engineering lab and is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). When she has some downtime, Izzy loves cooking and doing outdoor activities.


Janet is a senior at ASU from Phoenix, Arizona. She is a first-generation college student studying Aerospace Engineering. Back in high school, Janet was involved in Robotics club and at ASU she is a part of MAES. MAES is a club for Latinos in Science and Engineering- they volunteer every weekend to help elementary school kids with their robotic competitions. Along with loving robotics, Janet is a huge baseball fan and loves to build with Legos. Janet has had three internships. The first was a Design Engineer position at Textron Aviation in Wichita Kansas. The second was with Boeing where she was a Propulsion Engineer in Long Beach, California. The third she currently is participating in is at Falcon engineering as a Manufacturing Engineer in Mesa, Arizona. Along with her internships, Janet is a sister of Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, which is a multiracial sorority.


Lynsey is currently a junior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. She is originally from Arizona and always had a passion for studying math and solving problems throughout her education. She is the first of my family to study engineering, and the third member to attend ASU. She chose mechanical as her engineering subset to pursue robotics and human factors in a professional career. She is currently involved in the Society of Women Engineers, and research in the Human Oriented Robotics and Controls Lab. She has received several research-based awards in FURI, and even an REU funded by the National Science Foundation for summer 2018. Apart from math Lynsey also loves art, and anything creative from drawing mechanical designs to painting doodles inside of her car. She enjoys baking, exercising, playing video games, and is super excited to take part sharing all the opportunities ASU has to offer.



Marcus is a junior studying computer science with a minor in computational mathematical sciences. He was born and raised just outside of New York City, but is now a resident of Arizona. He is currently doing research in CIDSE through the Fulton School of Engineering’s FURI program about the lifecycle of bots on social media. Marcus has also been a member of the Software Developers Association(SODA) on campus since his freshman year. Marcus hopes to pursue a master’s degree after graduating so that he can work in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. “This is the topic I am most passionate about, because I believe that it will have a major impact on how the world will function in the future,” he said. Last semester, Marcus got the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in Germany. While there, he was lucky enough to travel to 7 countries, as well as all over Germany. In his free-time, Marcus enjoys playing his saxophone and walking his two dogs.


Nahti Keo is currently a junior in Chemical Engineering and also pursuing a Chinese Minor. Nahti is a first-generation student whose parents immigrated to United States from Cambodia. He is part of the ASU Chinese Language Flagship program with a goal of finding a way to utilize his language skills to promote international cooperation in engineering. This year, he is working in Dr. Heather Emady’s lab, studying particulate granulation mechanisms which are useful in the pharmaceutical and consumer products industry. His interests include chemical processing, semiconductors, and material science. Besides being a mentor, Nahti is also an Ambassador for the Office of National Scholarship Advisement. In his free time, he enjoys watching YouTube videos, playing video games, cooking, and hanging out with friends.




Rachel is in her second year of Electrical Engineering at ASU on the Tempe Campus. She is from Phoenix, Arizona and is a part of Barrett, the Honors College. “I love engineering because it gives me the opportunity to improve people’s lives in so many different aspects” Rachel says. She works as a math tutor in the Engineering Tutoring center and is a member of both the Society of Women Engineers and Fulton Ambassadors. Outside the realm of engineering, Rachel is a member of Chi Omega, a women’s fraternity, where she participates in social and philanthropic events. Rachel intends on looking at a future in technology and research within the medical field of study. When she has down time, Rachel likes to read a mystery novel, cook, and watch the Green Bay Packers with her family.


Originally from Washington state, Paul is finishing his last semester as an undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering at ASU. He has worked with the Fulton Schools over the past two years as an ASU 101 Section Leader, UGTA, and FURI Researcher. “ASU is really great because there are so many resources that I can to use to enrich not only my education, but also my own personal growth. As an out-of-state first-year student, it wasn’t easy integrating into the college lifestyle in a completely new environment where I knew no one. Joining clubs gave me sense of community and helped me learn to develop close relationships with some of my peers.”  Paul aspires to pursue graduate studies in sustainable engineering, and hopes to use this knowledge to promote renewable energy and sustainable building development. In his free time, he enjoys bouldering, gardening, and eating burritos.


Paulo is currently a senior at ASU studying Aerospace Engineering. He’s originally from Recife, Brazil, so he knows what it’s like to feel homesick. He is also a first-generation college student.  Paulo loves “the diversity in engineering and the ability to positively impact other lives through our work” and with his degree he wishes to achieve super and hypersonic speed for commercial flights. So, instead of taking 17 hours to fly to Australia it would only take 1-2 hours. At ASU, Paulo is a Global Ambassador, president of the Brazil club, and a part of the Peer Mentor program. In his free time, Paulo loves to play guitar and ride dirt bikes. “When I first got here ASU felt so big, but I eventually found my way around” explained Paulo, “there’s so much to do here, everyone can find something to get involved in.”


Tony is a junior at the Barret Honors College and an Arizona native. He is studying Computer Systems Engineering, is a first-generation college student, and is a part of the Grand Challenge Scholars Program, a co-curricular program that allows students to work on research projects in their field to attain real world knowledge. Tony has always had a passion for cyber security and once he graduates he wants to build computers to help protect against cyber terrorism and hacking. “What I love about ASU is that they spend a lot of time to ensure professors are fit for the job and love what they do,” says Tony and at the school of engineering “the support is accessible and vast.”  Tony is a counselor for E2C2, an engineering camp for incoming freshman. In his free time, Tony enjoys practicing coding.